Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

*Originally written in October 2015*

Actually not that bad of a film. The casting is good and the score is fantastic (Mauls Theme gives me chills). The scenery as well as the lightsaber duels are beautiful. However some of the dialogue is a bit wooden and it’s more political than I think it needs to be. The use of CGI, though OK, is excessive especially when you consider the practical effects of the original trilogy. As for Jar Jar Binks, I understand he’s here “for the kids” but his speech, whiny tone and inane clumsiness is insulting to the intelligence of children. He is by far the worst thing in this film, however the film itself is alright, even though it has so much potential to be a good film.

AUTHORS NOTE Just over 3 years later, I absolutely stand by this review. However I will admit to faulting this film for being too political. I was younger and less educated than I am now and as I’m sure any Star Wars fan can tell you, the original trilogy was George Lucas’ metaphor for the Vietnam war. This film is definitely less subtle in it’s use of politics though. As the years of gone on, the fans’ avid hatred of this film has lessened slightly and for good reason. When you get over the dialogue and Jar Jar and the vast CGI, you begin to realise that the CGI is still good and even Jar Jar is due a little credit as the first fully CG character. This is still the weakest film in my opinion though.

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