Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

*Originally published October 2015*

Actually a decent film. The casting is spot on, especially Ewan McGregor who looks like hes having a blast. The use of CGI, though controversial, is better than Episode 1 and allows for more scope and bigger battles. Speaking of battles, the lightsaber duels are spectacular, as is the musical accompaniment. The score for this film, as well as the rest of the saga, is well loved and for good reason. Its beautiful and intense. However the dialogue delivery on Anakins part isn’t great and Padmes, though improved, isn’t much better. Also their flirting is sometimes difficult to watch, due to said dialogue, but there is no denying they have chemistry. I genuinely enjoyed this film.


Of the prequel trilogy, Episode 2 is in my opinion the least memorable. Before this review I would be hard-pressed to recall anything bar the Clone Facility and the Colosseum Escape. As a result, this review feels like a re-hash of the points I made about Episode 1, but whilst that film could blame Anakins poor line delivery on a child actor, this film cannot. Looking back, my opinion of this film has definitely decreased. For one, the “chemistry” between Anakin and Padme is increasingly unconvincing, which is not helped by awkward writing. Puppet Yoda is also abandoned in this film, making way for his CG counterpart, which in turn was modeled after his puppet. I understand that they wanted more movement and Jedi-like-agility and, while it works, it feels a little too controlled. A little too perfect. Out of the (currently) 8 Star Wars films, as enjoyable as this one can be, I find myself watching it the least.

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