Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

*Originally published October 2015*

This was the one with the most to do. Not only did it have to conclude the prequel trilogy but it also had to tie seamlessly into the original trilogy. I think it delivered. Anakin slowly loses his mind and it’s subtle up until the point where he snaps completely and Obi-Wans heartbreak is played beautifully. The CGI and soundtrack were also bigger and better. Then there’s General Grevious, probably the best thing about this film. On the downside, the politics are back whilst so much time is spent on Anakin and Padmes relationship it hurts. Also some of the delivery can still feel a bit forced but on the whole this is a good film that neatly wraps up the story.

AUTHORS NOTE: Politics in Star Wars was something that I could complain about at the time of this review. For me, as a young teen, Star Wars was this epic action fantasy and having politics inserted into the mix just dragged it into “boring adult” territory. Now I realise that isn’t what the problem was, it was that it was ridiculously blatant in comparison to the original trilogy. Part of that is down to the writing but part of that is also down to my upbringing. I’m not an American so I wasn’t raised on American history so a Vietnam War metaphor would go right over my head. It doesn’t anymore. Every other statement in this review I absolutely stand by so I wont keep you any longer.

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