Ranked: The Star Wars Saga

*DISCLAIMER: This list is based purely off of my own opinion*

#10 — Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones For me, this is the worst of all. I genuinely cannot remember a single thing about the plot. Couple that with the peak of Anakin and Padmes “romance” and you have the weakest of the saga.

#9 — Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Make no mistake, this is not a good film. It has some of the worst directing I’ve ever seen and Jar Jar may be the most annoying thing on Earth. This film’s one saving grace is how memorable it is.

#8 — Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith The last of the prequel trilogy is the best for me. The acting and the culmination of the prequels’ 3-film arc are well done. Unfortunately, it still has some of those Prequel Issues so it’s still relatively low on the list.

#7 — Solo: A Star Wars Story Not as good as the original trilogy, but not quite as bad as the prequel trilogy. There is some solid acting here as well as those little hits of nostalgia that make it worthwhile.

#6 — Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope The one that started it all. Definitely a good film, and certainly an iconic moment in cinema history. It’s still just a little bit plain for me compared to the rest of this list.

#5 — Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Set in the New Hope era but feels more grounded than the original did. You can really feel the weight and hold of The Empire in this film. Same era, better delivery.

#4 — Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens This film knows exactly what it wants to be and exactly how its setting up the oncoming trilogy. It’s a solid continuation that isn’t afraid to sprinkle in a little nostalgia. A New Hope for a new age.

#3 — Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Some of the biggest twists and turns in the entire franchise. Also has some of the most stunning setpieces. It’s a refreshing taste of something new.

#2 — Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi The perfect example of how to conclude a trilogy. Ties up loose ends and finishes character arcs in moments that will not be forgotten.

#1 — Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Dark moments of fun sprinkled throughout, and cinema defining plot twists. Full of the grit that would come to future films while maintaining a sense of hope. One of the finest sequels ever made and more than worthy of the top spot

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