Shakesqueer: The Early Years

As a teenager, I was frequently bombarding my social media with adverts for the latest films. Primarily they were “Nerdy” flicks like Star Wars or Captain America: Civil War, which should come as a surprise to nobody. Occasionally I would interject with general posts, but even more occasionally than that was a thought on film. I have compiled these into the following post so that you may share just a little bit more of this journey with me.

Nov 23rd 2012: Hugh Laurie being electrocuted alongside the guy who plays Arthur Weasley. You’ve got to love 101 Dalmatians

Dec 24th 2012: Just watched the last episode of BBCs Merlin. In a word? Crap

Mar 8th 2013: Star Trek: Into Darkness is the worst Star Trek movie ever? Really? Come on people, are you blind?

Sep 18th 2013: Magneto standing up for Xavier even after he dies. True friendship never dies…

Aug 12th 2014: Farewell to the beloved Robin Williams. Truly a gift to all mankind

Feb 27th 2015: A fond farewell and huge thank you to Leonard Nimoy who passed away today. You taught so many children to dream of the stars, to seek out new life and to live prosperously. I hope you’re as appreciated in Heaven as you are on Earth and realise how much you will be missed. Your 5 year journey is finally over. Thank you and sleep well.

Apr 26th 2015: Fast and Furious 7 is not the best in the franchise but it is a perfect send off for Paul Walker.

June 2nd 2015: Phil Tippet, Dinosaur Supervisor. 2 minutes and 45 seconds. You tried man #JurassicPark

June 12th 2015: Yesterday, the world lost another legendary actor in the form of Sir Christopher Lee. Aged 93 and still acting, hi dedication to the craft was admirable and the impact he had on the cinematic industry, as well as peoples lives, is unmatched. There are few men who can claim that. Thank you Sir Christopher an may the force be with you always.

Aug 18th 2015: The Incredible Hulk (2008) is not a bad film and I think it’s seriously underrated. Here’s why. The acting is good, the CGI is good, there are lovely nods to the source material and the plot is survivable. Also the Hulk films before it were poorly received and The Abomination, as a villain, is on point. The fact that General Ross is back for Civil War meaning that it can’t be ignored any longer? chills.

Oct 13th 2015: Gandalf actually found Thrain in Dol Goldur during Desolation of Smaug. Nice to see him get some screentime even if The Necromancer does kill him…

(Not a post) Oct 14th 2015 is the day that I publicly came out as Bisexual. I had known for 4 years but, given the “Christian Island” culture and fear of rejection, was afraid to come out at the time. As of March 28th 2019 I have been engaged to my boyfriend for a year and a half and we have been living together for 5 months. I’m more at ease with myself then I’ve ever been.

Nov 8th 2015: Spectre analysis (in my opinion). Dave Bautista, Andrew Scott and Christoph Waltz all deserved more screentime. The plot took to long to actually develop. Too many long silences. As always, the women are just there to serve as trophies for Bond to stare at (shame on you Hollywood). Not enough SPECTRE despite it literally being the title. That “Day of the Dead” setting added absolutely nothing. Ben Wishaw was fantastic, as always. Blofeld subplot was good. Spends the first 15 minutes reminding you of Skyfall, which is a way better movie.

Jan 14th 2016: Another star has left us. Yipee-ki-ay Mister Rickman. My you rest in piece

April 24th 2016: I own 90 films. 10 of them have no romantic subplot. damn you Hollywood.

February 26th 207: Survivor of a Xenomorph attack, Apollo 13, a twister and a home invasion by The Hood. Sad to hear about the passing of a legend. Raise a glass to Bill Paxton.

June 5th 2017: Here’s to Peter Sallis. A British Icon.

June 10th 2017: Whenever people bring up the Batman franchise, I always remind them of Adam West. His version was highly entertaining to watch and never failed to make me smile. In my eyes he will always be my Batman because it was through him that I learned to love this franchise and this character. He played so many roles as an actor but the presence he had in Nerd Culture will live on. Thank you Mayor West and may you sleep well. You’ve earned it.

Oct 12th 2017: Aquaman is a dudebro. The Flash is quirky comic relief. Wonder Woman is the badass eye candy. Superman is the ex-machina. Why Justice League?!

Dec 15th 2017: I have never felt so pure #TheLastJedi

June 6th 2018: The Greatest Showman wouldn’t have been as good without Zefron, Jackman or the bearded lady.

Jun 18th 2018: My friend is right. Clone Wars and Rebels should get the credit for bringing back Darth Maul. But Solo brought him back to the big screen so I will praise the heck out of this film for that.

Jul 18th 2018: 10 years sine The Dark Knight and, as good as this film is, I’d like to remind you how overrated it is. Changed the industry? sure…

Jul 24th 2018: Heath Ledgers Joker was good but not THAT good so please calm down. It was edgy, dark and realistic sure but DC has been trying to live up to that ever since. Yes I’m blaming that over-hyped goldenboy for the shitshow that is the DCEU.

Jul 31st 2018: I have a lot of animosity towards films that are undeservedly, ridiculously overhyped. The Dark Knight and Frozen are the worst for this, at least to me. I will not apologise for the screaming that ensues.

Sep 17th 2018: Deadpool was very much “haha we can say the F word and Green Lantern was bad.” Deadpool 2 is very much “now that THAT’S out of the way…” Listen. I was very vocal at the time about how “meh” Deadpool was. Nobody listened then and nobody’s listening now.

Oct 31st 2018: #20moviechallenge post a film that affected you every day for the next 20 days. 1)The Iron Giant 2)Zombieland 3)The Lord of the Rings 4)Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure 5)Matilda 6)V For Vendetta 7)Toy Story 8)Mean Girls 9)Pride 10)X-Men 11)Die Hard 12)Jurassic Park 13)Ghostbusters 14)Captain America: The First Avenger 15)Green Lantern 16)Men in Black 17)Apollo 13 18)The Muppets Christmas Carol 19)Back to the Future 20)Batman ’89

Nov 24th 2018: 27 years on and still as loved as ever. Please go support this film. Love him #BohemianRhapsody

Jan 11th 2019: Well damn. I guess Aquaman is cool now. Still has its dumb moments but…damn.

Feb 3rd 2019: Megamind is the best superhero film of all time. Don’t @ me.

Feb 6th 2019: There are two kinds of people. Those who think that The Spongebob Squarepants Movie is a cinematic masterpiece and those who are wrong.

Feb 16th 2019: How to Train Your Dragon 3 isn’t as good as its predecessors and here’s why. It’s drastically predictable. You know what every character is going to say and do at any given moment. I know it’s a kids film but come on. [Spoiler]s self sacrifice would not have killed them. Then there’s the Light Fury.Her design is so overtly feminine and it doesn’t need to be. That’s not how animals work. Still a good film though.

Signed: Your friendly neighbourhood queer

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