Unus Annus: Month 10

*All typos are present in the original source and have been preserved for the sake of history*

[12/08/20] Popping Popcorn With a High-Powered Laser

You ask? We deliver. We here at the Unus Annus Research Lab are committed to giving you RESULTS, scientific method be damned.

Result: It does not work but a Hair Straightener does. Don’t try it.

[13/08/20] Puberty Simulator

Poor, poor Ethan. Over two decades on this planet and he still hasn’t hit puberty yet. Don’t worry though, Mark is here to speed along the process. What else are friends for?

[14/08/20] Grip Strength Test: Loser Becomes the Winner’s Butler for a Day

What can THESE HANDS do? How much power do they hold? Well… today we find out exactly how much these meaty claws can handle.

Winner: Ethan

[15/08/20] Momiplier Teaches Self-Defense

Mark’s mom is a master of self-defense. She will whip these two spineless babies into weapons of mass misdirection.

[16/08/20] Transforming Mark into the 8th Wonder of the World

The Pyramids… the Colosseum… the Great Wall… and now, the Mark.

Note: Ethan coated Mark in gold body paint. It was spectacular.

[17/08/20] Playing Children’s Games in Total Darkness

Today we take childhood games to the next level. We add in an element of danger. We on X-Games mode. Today we play these games in complete darkness.

The Games: Red Rover, Hide and Seek, Ball Toss, Tag, Nutball

[18/08/20] We’re Better Than Dogs

Dogs think that they’re so cool with their big teeth and mighty chompers. Well we have big chompers too! HUGE chompers! The BEST chompers!

Note: They are not better than dogs.

[19/08/20] The Koala Challenge: TikTok’s Intimate Couple’s Trend

TikTok has brought us another challenge to CRUSH. All it requires is for one of us to climb the body of the other as if we were conquering Mount Everest.

[20/08/20] 1 Gallon of Jello Nearly Broke Us

This is NOT pudding… this is Jello… this is ONE GALLON of Jello.

[21/08/20] Too Many Pickles

Mark and Ethan hit the open road with nothing in sight but pickles and bears.

[22/08/20] Pitching a Tent in the Woods But There’s a Bear 15 Feet Away

Rule #1. Always Remember the Buddy System. Mark and Ethan teach you how to pitch a tent when buddy can’t see and the other buddy can’t hear. Also there’s a bear.

Note: Camp Unus Annus Day 1

[23/08/20] How to Rescue a Cat from a Tree

We here at Camp Unus Annus will show you how to rescue a cat from a tree with our handy dandy Fuzzy Wubble Cat.

Note: Camp Unus Annus Day 2

[24/08/20] A Bear Attacked Us in the Middle of the Night

A quiet, restful night here at Camp Unus Annus.

Note: Camp Unus Annus Day 3

[25/08/20] How to Safely Bury Your Friend

When out in the woods, a lot can go wrong. In the case something does, you need to know how to bury your buddy quickly and efficiently enough so they won’t get eaten by bears (again)

Note: Camp Unus Annus Day 4

[26/08/20] Team Building for 2: Trust Fall, Tug-of-War, and More!

Want to know how to be closer with your team and/or buddy? Let your Camp Unus Annus Counselors, Mark and Ethan, show you how it’s done with all of these fun and safe activities! Disclaimer: Activities are only safe when adhering to the Buddy System(tm).

Note: Camp Unus Annus Day 5

[27/08/20] How to Start a Fire (except don’t…)

Ever wanted to know how to make a fire with your BARE HANDS!? Well you might want to purge those thoughts… there’s a fire hazard out there…

Note: Camp Unus Annus Day 6

[28/08/20] Mark’s Outdoor Escape Room

Ethan thought it would be an ordinary night at Camp Unus Annus. But Mark had other plans… He prepared the Ultimate Outdoor Escape Room.

Note: Camp Unus Annus Day 7

[29/08/20] Hunting HeeHoo

Scarier than Bigfoot. More terrifying than the Yeti. The most dangerous creature is man and he’s out for revenge.

Note: Camp Unus Annus Day 8

[30/08/20] Was 2020 a Bad Year for Unus Annus?

Tune in for some real talk about this channel and the year it just so happened to exist in. It’s all the tea and hot goss you’ve been itching for. Also we skip rocks. Or try to.

Note: Camp Unus Annus Day 9

[31/08/20] Mark Gives Ethan a HOT (Stone) Massage

What’s the best way to massage your weak, mortal coil? Why, with hot stones, of course.

[01/09/20] We Smell Every Smell

Do you smell that? That smell. A kind of smelly smell. The smelly smell that smells…. smelly.

The Smells: Every single scented oil they could find

[02/09/20] How Many Slaps Does it Take to Cook a Chicken?

Physics is pretty straightforward on this one. Energy in = Chicken out. Conservation of mass or something like that… either way we’re eatin’ good tonight!

Answer: 23,034 apparently

[03/09/20] 2 Boys 2 Poops

We truly are living in the future. Technology has advanced to the point where we can mail our poop to be analyzed by professionals. Wonderful times.

[04/09/20] Mark Teaches Ethan How to March in a Marching Band

What does it truly mean to be in a marching band? Today, Ethan will find out.

[05/09/20] We Finally Drink Our DIY Wine

After a lifetime of waiting, the time has finally come to taste our homemade brew.

[06/09/20] 2 Adults Take a 4th Grade Maths Test

Ethan is not very good at math. To prove just how not-good he is we decided to take a 4th Grade Times Tables Math test!

[07/09/20] Making Snow Cones With Literally Anything But Normal Flavours

After improving milk’s favorite cookie, the boys are back in search of perfection with their favorite summertime treat.

Not Normal Flavours: Frank’s Hot Sauce, Olive Oil, Silver Pony Wine, Tomato Sauce, Mustard, Soy Sauce, Apple Cider Vinegar, Top of the Morning Cold Coffee, Boysenberry Syrup

[08/09/20] We Attempt Pottery Without Amy’s Help

After improving milk’s favorite cookie, the boys are back in search of perfection with their favorite summertime treat.

Result: Not awful

[09/09/20] Can Plants Feel Pain?

Plants. We don’t understand them and they don’t understand us. But could there be a middle ground in the realm of pain? With our superior lie detector technology, we will not be stopped from discovering the truth!

Answer: Yes. Be nice to your plants.

[10/09/20] How Far Can We Chuck a 16lbs Rock?

The Shot Put is the Rolls Royce of Track and Field events. It’s the one that everyone screams for. You love it. We love it. Let’s Put some Shots!

Ethan’s Distance: 21ft 4inches

Mark’s Distance: 29ft

Signed: Your friendly neighbourhood queer

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