Unus Annus: Month 11

*All typos are present in the original source and have been preserved for the sake of history*

[11/09/20] We Pierced Each Other’s Ears

It’s 2020! Why not get bored and pierce our ears???

Result: Ethan has worn his earring ever since. Mark has not.

[12/09/20] We Ate Dog Treats So You Don’t Have To

Dog treats… how bad could they possibly be?

The Treats (Least to most tasty): Salmon Treats, Gravy Power Bites, Beef Treats, Savoury Roasters, Original Biscuits, Pig’s Ear, Chicken Jerky

[13/09/20] We Accidentally Made an SCP While Amy Was Away

Amy isn’t here right now so we came up with the very good idea to RECREATE Amy! But we might have maybe accidentally made SCP-11325 instead…


LET IT RIP… into your friend’s nutsack

[15/09/20] Making the Ultimate Unus Annus Burger

McDonalds… Travis Scott… STEP ASIDE, TRASH. It’s time for Unus Annus to take center stage in the world of BURG.

The Burger (from bottom to top): Bottom Bun, Half Chicken & Half Beef Burger, Half Fries and Half Tomato Slice, Pickles, Upside-Down Bun (Toasted), Half Beef Burger & Half Chicken Burger, Half Onion & Half Fries, Half Pickles & Half Onions, Barbecue Sauce, Top Bun

[16/09/20] Making Soda With Literally Anything But Soda

Oreos… Snow Cones… and now… Soda. We work tirelessly to bring you cutting edge research in the field of absolutely disgusting flavor combinations that no one thought would taste good in the first place.

Not Soda: Apple Cider Vinegar, Coffee, Milk, Mayonaisse with Caramel Sauce

[17/09/20] Pee Soda

This will be the final time we do ANYTHING pee related on Unus Annus… this is Pee Soda.

[18/09/20] Learning to Use The Force

You ever wanted to blow something up with your mind? Yeah… us too.

[19/09/20] Brick Soccer

We play soccer with a brick. Shall we say… don’t try this at home?

Winner: Mark

[20/09/20] We Attempt to Make Holy Water

We Attempt to make Holy Water, DIY style. Will we burst into flames? Will blessings rain down upon us? Will we make the perfect flavor? Find out next time on Unus Annus Z!

[21/09/20] Amy Sent Us a Mystery Box

What horrors lurk within this secret present that Amy sent to us? Will it kill us? Will it aid us? Are we even capable of understanding its true glory?

What’s in the box: Banana Surprise

[22/09/20] Mark Knows What Ethan Did…

The grip was loose… Ethan thought that he could get away with it but I see the truth… The grip was loose…

[23/09/20] This Video Will Never Make Sense

A unique behind-the-scenes look into The Unus Annus Creative Process! Look deep into the depths of our minds and despair…

[24/09/20] We Attempt to Make UNHOLY Water

Can’t have the light without the dark, right? Today, to counteract the blessings of our holy water, we create UNHOLY Water

[25/09/20] We Will Churn Thy Butter

Ah butter… the chicken of the bread. Peasant’s Gold! The froth from which deliciousness pours. We discover the long forgotten mythical process by which that golden goodness is churned.

[26/09/20] Ethan Teaches Mark Gymnastics

It’s finally time for Backflip Guy to teach Mark how to do a backflip! And other handy dandy gymnastics tips and tricks.

[27/09/20] The Great Ice Cream Cake Race

Two boys. Two Cakes. One winner. Loser walks the plank.

Winner: Mark

[28/09/20] Mark Teaches Ethan to Wrestle

Two sweaty men step inside the ring. Only one may leave. Probably the guy who’s wrestled before.

[29/09/20] Ethan Watches as Mark Achieves the Impossible

Ethan brought Mark a challenge. And Mark literally cannot back down from a challenge.

The Impossible: Opening Ethan’s Metal Water Bottle After 4 Years

[30/09/20] Consuming the World’s Hottest Chip

Today we attempt the One Chip Challenge.

[01/10/20] This Video Went Completely Out of Control

Totally Normal Egg Toss (GONE WRONG!) (GONE KNIFE!)

[02/10/20] The 1000 High Five Challenge

The real test of friendship are the bruises we make along the way.

Note: Easy. Takes maybe half an hour. Try it with a friend

[03/10/20] Bobbing For Apples But the Water Keeps Getting Thiccer

It’s fall, baby. Time to get into the season by doing an old classic: Bobbing for apples

[04/10/20] Mark Breaks His Nose on an Aerial Hoop

Don’t let Mark’s inevitable Unus Annus injury overshadow the grace and poise on display here today… by Vixen Deville that is. The same can not be said for Mark and Ethan’s flailing.

[05/10/20] Mark and Ethan Milk a Goat

Two city boys get sent away to the farm.

Milk goats @ https://www.gilchristfarm.com

[06/10/20] Shooting Archery ON A HORSE

Today we learn to channel our inner Orlando Bloom while mounted on a beautiful steed

Get horsey @ https://www.gilchristfarm.com

[07/10/20] DIY Mine Sweeper

Break out the metal detector, because once again Mark has cooked up a new excuse to pummel Ethan with a dodgeball.

[08/10/20] Literally Finding a Needle in a Haystack

Legends speak of the difficulty of finding the mythical needle in the haystack. Today, we put that legend to the test with not one… but TWO NEEDLES!!

Result: Mark finds his and so does Ethan (eventually)

[09/10/20] Drawing on Each Other’s Backs in Total Darkness

You can’t think your art is bad if you can never see it in the first place.

[10/10/20] This if For FUN and NOT a Fetish

Why can’t two bros just succ each other with a vacuum???

[11/10/20] Mark Conquers His Fear of Night Swimming

Today, Mark conquers his fear of the deep, dark ocean. The fear of the unknown. The fear… of what lurks below.

Featuring: The Gongoozler

Signed: Your friendly neighbourhood queer

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