Unus Annus: Month 12

*All typos are present in the original source and have been preserved for the sake of history*

*This is a long one. Brace yourself*

[12/10/20] The Painful World of Aerial Skills

We stretch. We move. We dance. We fly. We silk like no one else before.

The Dancing Fire ► http://www.thedancingfire.com

[13/10/20] We Bought Every Grinch Costume on Ebay

We will never get another Christmas. Luckily, Ebay is here to help us forget the inevitable end through the power of the Grinch.

[14/10/20] Pumpkin Taste Tier List

The spirit of halloween. How does it taste? How is the texture? How are the juices? Today, we rank them from least – most halloweeny.

The Pumpkins (least to most tasty): The Sugar Pie, The Carnival, The Jarrahdale, The Orange Hubbard, The Jack Be Little, The Galeux D’Eysines, The Great White

[15/10/20] Learn to Jump Higher in 16 Minutes and 16 Seconds

We’ve lost them. NASA last sighted them leaving the orbit of Jupiter. At their current trajectory they will exit the solar system in approximately 29 days.

[16/10/20] Bobbing For Literally Anything But Apples

This is what it means to go even further beyond the limitations of bobbing for apples. This is the kind of bobbing our forefather’s could only DREAM of!

Not Apples: A Pineapple Ring, A Lime, A Lemon, An Onion, A Potato, A Whole Clove of Garlic, A Pizza Slice, 3 Blueberry Muffins, A Whole Block of Cheese, An Egg, Half A Pickle Sliced Down the Middle, A Handful of Shrimp

[17/10/20] This Video is Completely Unedited

Editors… HAH! Who needs em? This video is completely unedited from start to finish! Even the thumbnail! All of our mistakes, gaffes, and and even our foibles are included as we wax our noses with reckless abandon!

[18/10/20] Momiplier Tells Us True Scary Stories from Korea

Mark asked his mom to tell us if she knew any Korean scary stories. We had NO IDEA what she had in store for us… and just how TRUE and REAL they are!

[19/10/20] Pumpkin Spice “Challenge”

*No Description*

[20/10/20] Mark and Ethan Build a Scarecrow

Created in man’s image… nothing can be scarier than the reflection of ourselves.

Featuring: Guppti Tamberooly Jooortelsk the Scarecrow

[21/10/20] Pressure Washing Our Sins Away

We’ve done a lot of things this year… it’s time to cleanse ourselves

[22/10/20] We Force Mark to Swim in the Ocean (HIS GREATEST FEAR)

Thalassophobia is the fear of the ocean. Which Mark has. So, naturally, we force him to face his fear by throwing him into the deepest end of all.

[23/10/20] Fighting Fish to the Death in the Deep Blue Sea

Deep Sea Fishing is a relaxing adventure that really let’s you get in touch with the ocean and the denizens therein. Let’s beat ’em up.

Experience the ocean @ https://www.theduchessyacht.com

[24/10/20] Cryptid Olympics

Slenderman… The Rake… Jeff the Killer… Famous cryptids all, and with intense training and practice, we too can become the creepiest cryptids of all.

Best Cryptid: Ethan

[25/10/20] Phasmaphobia in Real Life

We’ve learned much about ghost hunting throughout this year and now it’s time for the final test. We bought the best (cheapest) equipment Amazon could provide and are ready to dive head first into the most haunted house in Los Angeles.

[26/10/20] Edward Pumpkin Hands

Disclaimer: Pumpkins were harmed in the making of this video.

[27/10/20] Blood Bath

What horrors await us in this wretched tub?

The Blood: Corn Starch, Corn Syrup (light and dark), Chocolate Syrup, Coffee Grounds, Molasses, Food Colouring, Jell-o, (strawberry and chocolate), Tomato Sauce, Warm Water

[28/10/20] The Unus Annus Annual Costume Contest

We didn’t know that “sexy skeleton” was a thing… thanks for burning that into our brains Ethan. Welcome to the Unus Annus Annual Costume Contest.

Ethan Wins: Most Scary, Most Sad, Most Offensive, Most Funny

Mark Wins: Most Scary, Most Sexy, Most Cursed, Most Funny, Most Cute

[29/10/20] Ethan Turns Mark into a Werewolf

The curse of the werewolf has struck Mark in full force, but he’s too shy to transform on his own. So Ethan (and Chica) give him a helping paw.

[30/10/20] Ethan Kidnapped Mark

Mark tortured Ethan in his outdoor escape room many moon ago. Now it’s time for Ethan to return the favor with the scariest escape room of all.

[31/10/20] The Truth of Unus Annus

One year. That was the deal.

[01/11/20] Accepting the Truth

Coming to terms with death and accepting it is all part of life. It’s almost beautiful in a way. Did you make the most of this year? The End of Unus Annus – Friday, November 13th starting at 12pm Pacific. Live here on YouTube.

[02/11/20] The Unus Annus Last Supper

Coming to terms with death and accepting it is all part of life. It’s almost beautiful in a way. Did you make the most of this year? The End of Unus Annus – Friday, November 13th starting at 12pm Pacific. Live here on YouTube.

Hors D’oeuvre: Extra Thicc Egg Nog Shooter with Cricket Ginger Snaps

Soup: Blood Bath Soup with Ketchup Foam

Appetiser: Hooked on Phonics Pasta (technically non-toxic)

Salad: Onion (hurry up)

Main Course: Bug Sausage with Black and Acheta Oils

Dessert: Sour Banana Surprise with Apple Cider Vinegar Palette Cleanser

Mignardise: An Assortment of Flavours (I had to be vague so Stables would print this)

[03/11/20] Being Brutally Honest with Each Other

A year is a long time to get to know someone. It’s also just enough time to be annoyed by them. We tell each other what we honestly think.

[04/11/20] Recreating Every Single Unus Annus Video

Turns out we made a lot of videos this year, and if you’re just joining us now, you may not have the time to watch every one. So, to help you out, we took the time and sanity required to recreate EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO.

[05/11/20] All Our Video Ideas That Never Happened

One year is a lot of videos. We finally spill the beans on the videos that never were.

The Ideas: Parkour, Claustrophobia, Blacklight, Watching Ethan sleep, 5 Senses, Guessing each other’s Wills, William Osman “how many licks?”, Something you’ve always wanted to do before you die, Nipple piercing, Tattoo, Making weapons for each other, 500 Vs 2 paintball, Stunt car driving, Skydiving, Bungee jumping, Performing in a burlesque show, Eat a bullet ant, Seeing how much criticism Ninja (Tyler Blevins) can take take, How many copies of fortnights can a bullet take (or Elmo), Pressuring David Dobrik to buy us a car, Susan Wojcicki lie detector, Learn braille, Drunk go-karting, Forcing Shane Dawson to do an Unus Annus conspiracy vid, Cage diving, Trivia phone drop, Covered in bees, Finding each other’s kinks with a thermal camera, Micheal Reeves does something messed up, Being each other’s PA’s, Lemonade stand, Head2Head, Using “as seen on TV” products, Trying to trigger the ADpocalypse, Buying everything my dog touches (slavery?), Build a house of cards on Chica, Blood drive, Super-soaker enema, Couples therapy, Going to Area 51 and Area 52, Sex machine thanksgiving, Props pop-up shop, Painting an office with our bodies, The Shining challenge, YouTuber prom, YouTuber speed collabs, Trying to make each other fall asleep, Staying awake as long as possible, One hour movie challenge, Eating like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson challenge, Parasailing, Yoga on paddle boards, Jiu Jitsu, Riding a Tandem Bike, Mattress rafting, Tap dancing classes, Doubles ice skating, Interviewing a pornstar, How many rubs?, Making each other’s fursonas, Mortician, Going to Mark’s storage unit, Renting the most expensive airBnB, Living like Team10 for a day, YouTuber sleepover party, Waterboarding or tickle torture, Volcano, How far can we get on birds, YouTuber graduation, ASMR slime making, Building go-karts (downhill kind), Couples massage, Surfing lessons, Raccoon cafe, Cuddling workshop, Chainsaw carving, Trapeze, Curling lessons, Become an EMT, Clown class, Parkour class, Meditation, Speed dating, Linguistics Lessons, Haunted house blood drive, Fire house, Save each other from drowning, Pizza delivery to fans, Quicksand, 24 hours of total darkness, Geocaching, Hello darkness my old friend, Camp Unus Annus Kernville, Mud wrestling, Giving Ethan a beard, Dog cone, Bury Ethan in sand, The perfect disguise, Smelliest smells, Gamble all the adsense.

[06/11/20] Who’s Cutting Onions In Here???

Only REAL men cry. And today we cry a lot.

[07/11/20] The 1st Annual Unus Annus Roast

Everyone’s all boo-hoo about Unus Annus coming to an end, but have people really forgotten how terrible we actual are? It’s time for a roast.

[08/11/20] God’s Fitness Test

It’s all come down to this…. our final fitness challenge.

Alex: http://www.youtube.com/AlexTima

Andre: https://www.instagram.com/AndreKim_/

[09/11/20] Saying Goodbye to All Our Guests

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many unique and talented people over our one year. We call as many of them as we can, and say goodbye before the end. HUGE LIST OF ALL THEIR LINKS DOWN BELOW! Please send them lots of love.

Alex Tima (Fitness Videos) ➤ http://www.youtube.com/AlexTima

Andre (God’s Fitness Test) ➤ http://www.instagram.com/AndreKim_

Austen (Military Obstacle Course) ➤ https://www.youtube.com/austenalexander

Bella (Chinese Archery) ➤ http://www.pakuahealth.com

Ben (Drum Date) ➤ https://instagram.com/benphammusic

Bryan (Glass Blowing) ➤ http://www.glasshouse.ws

Burt Blackarach (DJ For a Day) ➤ https://blackarach.com/

Daniel (Fight Choreography) ➤ http://www.danielocicero.com

Fiona (Backyard Chickens) ➤ https://bit.ly/2uRfbF6

Isabelle (Casket) ➤ https://abettercasket.com/

Jacksepticeye ➤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzPXprvl5Y-Sf0g4vX-m6g

James Charles ➤ https://www.youtube.com/jamescharles

Jay (Snakes n Reptiles) ➤ https://www.prehistoricpets.com/

Josh (Cooking) ➤ https://www.airbnb.co.uk/experiences/973849?_set_bev_on_new_domain=1604922848_hwDqTe8Px6HcICEu

Kevin/Luna (Pepper Spray) ➤ https://lunastraining.com/

KingKasuma2.0 (1 Million Sub Giveaway) ➤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaFmoZOqvJuhMy2aZJ8rOMw

Leila (Pop Song) ➤ https://www.instagram.com/leilapari/

Leslie (Salsa Dancing) ➤ https://www.thirdstreetdance.com

Linda (Ghost Hunting) ➤ https://www.lindaghosthunter.com/

Liza (Hypnotherapy) ➤ https://healwithin.com

Lorin (Mime) ➤ http://www.mimetheatrestudio.com

Matt (Military Obstacle Course) ➤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqFVEOCzZtDAa2j3DBDWMsg

Max (Guard Dogs) ➤ https://www.masterdog-training.com/

Monika (Milking Goats) ➤ https://www.gilchristfarm.com/

Pharah (Goat Yoga) ➤ https://laughingfrogyoga.com/goat-yoga/

Taylor (Aerial Silks) ➤ http://www.thedancingfire.com

Valerie (Acupuncture) ➤ https://ercaclinic.com

Vixen (Eating Fire, Laying on Broken Glass, Aerial Lyra) ➤ https://www.vixendeville.com/

[10/11/20] Everything’s Legal If You’re Dead

Mark and Ethan start one of the last day of their lives off right with a healthy wholesome breakfast. And a whole bunch of crime.

[11/11/20] 7 Minutes in Heaven | 7 Minutes in Hell

What awaits for us in the great beyond?

[12/11/20] The Unus Annus Annual Sleepover

Tomorrow’s the big day. Just one more sleepy before we say goodbye…

[13/11/20] Goodbye

This is it. We will be deleting this channel live on stream. Join us for our final moments.

Our Editors ►





Live Production by Real Good Touring ► https://www.realgoodtouring.com/

This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible. Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end. Memento Mori. Unus Annus.

Signed: Your friendly neighbourhood queer

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