Unus Annus: Month 2

*All typos are present in the original source and have been preserved for the sake of history*

[15/12/19] You Made Beautiful Music for The Barrel…but Only One Could Win

You blew us away with the incredible music you crafted in honor of The Barrel. Now The Barrel can live on in our memories. All of the participants in this video are linked below. Please send love to them and everyone who made music by searching #RIPTheBarrel

[16/12/19] We had to Drink Each Other’s Pee

Through the power of the Life Straw, Ethan and Mark taste each other’s urine.

[17/ 12/19] Ethan Explores Mark’s Haunted Basement

Strange noises have been emanating from Mark’s basement. He dares not venture down there. He is no fool. But he knows a fool. He knows the most foolish fool there is…

[18/12/19] Giving Away our 1,000,000 Subscriber Gold Play Button

You helped us reach our goal faster than we ever thought possible. And true to our word, we set out to hand deliver the Golden Play Button directly to one of you!

Winner: Kingkasuma 2.0 on Youtube

[19/12/19] Ethan’s Relaxing and Totally Normal Nail Salon 💅🏼

As an act of friendship, Ethan attempts to calm Mark’s stress with a little spa time.

[20/12/19] Taped and Afraid

Mark wants to be immortalized in a sculpture but marble is too expensive and experts even more so. Thus the only options left are a Tape Sculpture and Ethan… what’s the worst that could happen? Surely Ethan wouldn’t be foolish enough to tape Mark’s mouth over so he can’t breathe right?

[21/12/19] What Was the Most Painful Thing We’ve Ever Endured?

We’re bringing Tier Lists into the 2020s with our Pain Scale to benchmark our most painful experiences.

Ethan: Treating a massive callous on his hand

Mark: Tumour removal from adrenal gland

[22/12/19] Donating Toys to Charity w/Jacksepticeye

In the spirit of giving, we set to work to fill up Mark’s sleigh with the help of our good pal JackSepticEye

[23/12/19] Harnessing our Dogs’ Unlimited Power

Like Icarus who came before them, Mark and Ethan fly too close to the sun. Or at least… they attempt to fly. Shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars. Shoot for the north pole and you’ll land about three inches from where you started.

Note: They tried sledding in the back yard. Unsuccessfully.

[24/12/19] Santa’s Mukbang (Drinking 1 Gallon of Eggnog)

Mark and Ethan attempt to match Santa’s insatiable hunger by consuming a mere fraction of the egg nog and cookies that Santa eats every Christmas.

[25/12/19] Forcibly Turning Mark Into Santa Claus Against His Will

In an attempt to complete the circle of life, Ethan turns Mark into Saint Nick.

[26/12/19] Preserving Ourselves in Wax

Improving our minds, bodies and souls is our #1 priority, so to preserve our temples of flesh even more, we dipped them in wax.

[27/12/19] Beating Inanimate Objects to Death

In search of a controlled environment to let out their anger, Mark and Ethan visit Rage Grounds in Los Angeles. No bottle, mug, or friendship is safe when the boys get a lead pipe in their hands.

Get Violent @ https://rageground.com

[28/12/19] Emotional Pain vs Physical Pain…Which is Worse?

Here at Unus Annus we’ve already rated our worst Physical Pains… so now it’s time to rank our Emotional Pain. Watch with care as we discuss the most traumatic experiences of our lives.

Ethan: His Grandma passing away

Mark: His Father passing away

[29/12/19] Duct Tape Crucifixion (Amy, Please Don’t Watch This Video)

Crucifixion was abolished a long time ago but no one was around to stop us so we took some duct tape and tried to attach each other to the walls and doors. Amy, please don’t watch this video.

[30/12/19] You Blink You Lose

The eyes are the window into the soul. You better not look away… you might miss something.

Winner: Ethan

[31/12/20] 2 Grown Men Attempt the Presidential Fitness Test

The Presidential Fitness Test is a benchmark to see if the youth of America are up to the arbitrary standards of fitness set forth by the government. Are we still up to the task? Are we still fit?

The Test: Curl-Ups, V-Sit Reach, Pull-Ups, Right-Angle Push-Ups, 1 Mile Run

[01/01/20] We Took the Polar Plunge

There is only one RIGHT way to start a new year: By submerging yourself in freezing cold water. #ColdusAnnus

[02/01/20] Hiding Our Sins From Amy’s Holy Peepers

Time has run out. Amy has returned. Will we be able to cover up the evidence of our sin from Amy’s eternal peepers?

[03/01/20] We Eat Bugs

Bugs are all around us. Tiny little morsels of nutrition just waiting to be cronched. Would you monch an insect? We did…

The Bugs: Cricket Flour Chips, Ant Lollipop (Ethan) Scorpion Lollipop (Mark), Weaver Ants, Chocolate-Covered Superworms, Female Rhino Beetle (Mark), Giant Waterbug (Ethan)

[04/01/20] DIY Bungee Jump (Please Don’t Try This)

A bungee jump is a great way to get an adrenaline rush but it’s so expensive! So we decided to make our own DIY Bungee Jump right in our backyard! What could go wrong?

Featuring: The Disclaimer Song

[05/01/20] We Have the BEST Thumbnails on YouTube and No One Can Tell Us Otherwise

Mark and Ethan go into the deep, dark depths of YouTube in search of the best and worst thumbnails.

The Contenders: Mr Beast, Fynnpire, The Odd 1s Out, Vanoss Gaming, Sea Nanners, JackSepticEye, Pewdiepie, Ssniperwolf, Girbeagly, Dope or Nope, Jenna Marbles

[06/01/20] Who Can Make Themselves Taller?

We are perfectly average humans in every single way. But with the power of technology can we BUILD ourselves taller?

Ethan: 7 and a half feet

Mark: 7 feet and 2 inches

[07/01/20] The Sensory Overload Tank

SEIZURE WARNING!! What’s the opposite of a sensory deprivation tank? A SENSORY OVERLOAD TANK! Ice bath + Eating Garlic + Bath Bombs + Strobe Lights + Air Fresheners + Loud Music + Icy Hot + Megaphone +…

[08/01/20] Recreating Ourselves as a Cursed Mannequin

We won’t be around forever… so what better way to immortalize ourselves than recreating ourselves as a cursed mannequin? This certainly won’t come back to haunt us…

[09/01/20] We Took an IQ Test

It’s finally time to find out who has big brain and who has smol brain.

Joint IQ: 137

[10/01/20] Ethan Finally Becomes a MAN

Mark teaches Ethan the ways of becoming a man… through hard MANual labor. Little does Ethan know the painful surprise that also comes with growing up…

Note: They built a dog house for Chica…well…a dog bed.

[11/01/20] Mark and Ethan go Casket Shopping

In yet another step towards preparing for the inevitable end, Mark and Ethan go shopping to find the perfect casket.

Get Buried @ https://abettercasket.com

[12/01/20] We Take a Lie Detector Test to Uncover Our Darkest Sins

For as long as humans have been able to speak, we’ve been able to lie. But thanks to modern lie detector technology, we can finally uncover the truth.

[13/01/20] Learning to Breathe Underwater

Just two dudes in a hot tub…

Ethan: 1 minute 39 seconds

Mark: 2 minutes 50 seconds

Signed: Your friendly neighbourhood queer

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