10 Film’s I’ll Watch In 2022


The latest film from director Roland Emmereich, who is single-handedly keeping disaster movies alive. This one will feature the moon hurtling towards the Earth with every few people capable of stopping it. It seems like standard fare but I’m a sucker for destruction so I’ll be there.

Turning Red

The latest from PIXAR Studios, which sees young Mei-Mei turning into a Giant Red Panda whenever she is nervous. It seems like she will be putting this new power to good use and like there might be a family secret involved. The trailer used Backstreet Boys, and if it keeps that tone, this may be a year highlight.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

The first was accidentally hilarious but this one seems like it will be fun on purpose. Newcomer Tails will team up with Sonic to take on the returning Dr. Robotnik and his new friend Knuckles. There will be Chaos Emeralds, a zany Jim Carrey performance, and the voice of Idris Elba which is all I need to stay entertained.

John Wick: Chapter 4

The next installment of the action-packed John Wick franchise has no plot details as of writing but may see the titular character taking on The High Table. These movies have had some of the best action scenes and stories that I’ve seen in a while, with a perfect blend of dialogue, score, and cinematography. Keanu Reeves and his team can make as many of these as they want.

Jurassic World: Dominion

The 6th film in the Jurassic Park franchise looks set to take things in a different direction. With humans and dinosaurs co-existing, this installment will detail the struggles of living such a life and from the already released footage, it seems set to be a blast.


Another offering from PIXAR Studios, this time it’s an origin story for Buzz Lightyear designed as if it were watched by Toy Storys Andy. With the voice of Chris Evans and seemingly plenty of references for fans, this looks like it will appeal to the child in all of us.

Black Adam

The titular supervillain who usually comes up against Shazam finally gets his turn at an origin story, with The Rock in the leading role. No specific details yet but if it’s as good as Shazam!, it’s sure to be a belter.

Mission Impossible 7

The next film in the famous franchise has no plot details yet except for the radical stunts Tom Cruise has been pulling off. This is a film series that knows how to have fun, without sacrificing character or plot.

Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse (Part 1)

The first installment was one of, if not the best, Spider-Man films of all time with tonnes of heart and spectacular animation. This one seems like it will be upping all the stakes and will include some lesser-known Spider-people. It was already my most anticipated release of the year, but knowing it’s just the first part has me giddy at all the possibilities.


Based on the Broadway musical as opposed to a direct remake of the 1996 classic, this should hopefully be a delight. Hoping that, like all good films based on musicals, it adapts for the screen instead of trying to replicate the stage.

Signed: Your friendly neighbourhood queer

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