An Update

Hello there,

It’s been a while since I properly checked in so I thought I should bring you up to speed. We are now HALFWAY through 2022 (or 200% of the way through 2021, I’m still not sure) and it’s been an interesting 6 months. I haven’t seen as many films as I had this time last year (I’m at 29 so far) and very few of them have stood out to me. Things seem to be picking up with Top Gun: Maverick and The Bob’s Burgers Movie being some recent delights. I’m hoping to catch Lightyear and Everything Everywhere All at Once soon, which have become 2 of my most anticipated releases of the year.

Whilst my film trips haven’t been numerous, I’ve still been a part of some incredible projects over the past half a year. I experienced a Project For Awesome livestream for the first time, attended BFI Flare digitally (review here), wrote for UnDividing Lines magazine, became a member of The Banana Meter, wrote for an online publication and even popped up on a podcast! I’m hoping to keep the momentum going as we go into the latter half of the year and beyond.

Online, I’ve tried to be a bit more of a presence. When it comes to fandom, I’ve always sort of lurked in the shadows but I’m trying to be a more active member when it comes to Doctor Who and Star Wars especially. I’ve been lucky enough to find a group of really wonderful people from each, who have made me feel comfortable in the space with their opinions, vibes and open support of queer and POC rights.

Personally, I changed job a couple of months ago and the amount of stress that doing so lifted is incalculable. I feel pretty good most of the time now. I now consider myself a “film journalist on the side” because, whilst this isn’t my job, it takes up a large amount of my time. Most importantly, it makes me happy. We may be 6 months into 2022 but we’re entering the 4th year of Shakesqueer and I feel like we’re in a pretty good place right now.

I hope you are too.

Thanks for sticking around and take care of yourself.

Signed: Your grateful neighbourhood queer

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