The Small Things 2020

A collection of initial thoughts from the films of today

JAN 2nd: Having done Star Wars and Middle Earth in 2019 let’s step it up a bit in 2020.
The next series has 21 films and counting. With one every 2 weeks that should take us almost right up to 2021. Hope you join me for this fantastic adventure…

JAN 2nd: I like Rise of Skywalker. It’s a good film. But knowing it could have been the greatest film of a generation. Knowing how much it could have meant to the LGBT community. Knowing that Disney stopped that is just… horrendous.

JAN 6th: The New Mutants trailer is here and I’ve got to say, I’m impressed. Not only does it finally have an official release date (April 3rd) but it looks super interesting. Leaning into the horror elements of having powers is something I’m genuinely excited to see.

JAN 7th: Won’t You Be My Neighbour? has finally arrived on Netflix and it’s essential watching. Fred Rogers was one of the purest souls to ever grace planet Earth and we could really use someone like him, especially now. Bless your lives and give it a watch.

JAN 12th: Knives Out is masterfully written, wonderfully acted and beautifully scored. It also comes across as strongly anti-capitalist. It’s the kind of film we need right now.

JAN 13th: The Morbius trailer is good. Looks to be a unique origin story, though I’m still hesitant about Jared Leto existing. Also looks to be setting up a Sinister Six (and Venom 2) in the MCU, which I’d rather see in the Raimi universe. Also that’s the Raimi suit on that poster, so maybe Spider-verse?

JAN 16th: If Motherless Brooklyn had been in black and white, it would have been indistinguishable from the best 50s crime films. Never pretends to be smarter than it is and Edward Norton delivers a superb performance.

JAN 18th: Shaun The Sheep: Farmageddon is a reminder of why Aardman has survived so long despite their lengthy creation process. An hour and a half of heart and humour with absolutely no dialogue. The consistent science fiction references are fun too.

JAN 24th: Jumanji: The Next Level is hilarious. Worth watching just for The Rock portraying Danny Devito but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Glad this is a franchise that lives on.

JAN 25th: The Addams Family (2019) is wonderfully bizarre. A love letter to not just the family, but the horror genre in general. Perfectly suited to animation.

JAN 25th: I regret to inform you that Cats (2019) is indeed a film that exists.

JAN 29th: I would LOVE to review Cats (2019) because I have so much to say. On the other hand, my whole brand is being positive. I’m trying to find a way to give constructive criticism in a positive light. I’ll bring it to you as soon as I figure that out.

FEB 10th: #DBZA @teamfourstar thank you so much for the laughs and the cries. For the highs and the lows. You have done such a beautiful job with this series over the past 12 years and I cant wait to see where you go next

FEB 13th: The Birdcage (1996) continues to be one of the funniest and most uplifting gay story’s ever put to screen. Nathan Lane is absolutely delightful and rocks the drag look, as well as providing plenty of heart. It also provides one of Robin Williams’ finest performances, reminding us why he is missed so much.

FEB 13th: Birds of Prey is not a Box Office Flop and even if it was, you can’t really pin that on the film itself. Lets just take a minute to look at the facts. It has been almost a week since it opened and in that time it has almost made back its budget. It will continue to play in cinemas for about a month. It is currently #1 at the box office and shows no signs of moving. It was released in February which is a Deadzone for movies, in that you release a movie here if you expect/want it to do poorly. It is also rated 15 instead of 12, which restricts the amount of people who could go and see it.Finally, China is a HUGE market in cinema and they are currently going through an actual epidemic. That is between 1/4 and 1/2 of your total revenue gone.
Birds of Prey is not the catastrophe that many are making it out to be and the worst case scenario is that its a victim of circumstance.

FEB 16th: Jojo Rabbit is a magnificent comedy featuring Nazis AND gays. It also has moments of raw emotion that will hit harder on second viewing.
“Hard to make a comedy these days” my foot.

FEB 21st: Spies in Disguise has Will Smith as a pigeon. If that doesn’t sell you, then you’re missing out on a fun time with possibly the most comedic battle of all time.

FEB 22nd: Jens Nygaard Knudsen, creator of the Lego minifigure, has passed away aged 78. As someone who has grown up on Lego and has a particular interest in the design of sets, I owe him a lot. I had literally just dug my countless minifigures out of storage to catalouge them.
Thank you for the years of imagination, Jens.

FEB 23rd: (Anim)éducation [#1/many]
Deadman Wonderland is superb. Amazing action pieces and excellent lore.

FEB 25th: (Anim)éducation [#2/many]
High School DxD is probably what most non-animé fans think animé is. Pure fan service with a Very Thin plot. Not really my thing.

FEB 26th: The Lighthouse is wonderfully bizarre. Pattinson and Defoe give powerhouse performances.

FEB 29th: Dolittle is utterly absurd, but in a fun way. Perfectly acceptable way to entertain yourself for a couple of hours.

MAR 4th: A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood is exactly the kind if film we need right now. Utterly delightful and filled with optimism.
God bless Mr Rogers

MAR 5th: The Greyhound trailer looks really good and I have no doubt that Tom Hanks will provide a brilliant performance. I also have no doubt that Hanks has written a good script. But don’t we have enough war movies?

MAR 7th: (Anim)éducation [#3/many] Promare is possibly the most visually stunning film I’ve ever seen. The story is pretty good too. Hope to see more films from Studio Trigger in the future.

MAR 7th: Birds of Prey is a female led Comic Book Movie with 3 LGBT characters. It also happens to be ridiculously entertaining. DC continues to improve.

MAR 9th: I have barely interest in Black Widow as it is. If the Tony Stark cameo rumours are true, it WILL completely kill my interest. You don’t need Downey’s star power to sell MCU movies and I’m sick of you thinking you do.

MAR 9th: Many knew him for his work on Game of Thrones or Flash Gordon but to me he will always be the voice of Vigo the Scurge of Carpathia. He truly was one of the greats and I’m sad to see him go.

MAR 13th: Listen. No film is going to be a huge financial success right now, half of the planet is basically quarantined with coronavirus. That’s partly why companies are delaying so many films right now. We wont know the proper toll this has taken on the Cinema Industry until this is all over, but really that’s not whats important.
If you ARE still able to go to movies, PLEASE be careful.

MAR 13th: Parasite is well deserving of that Oscar for Best Picture. A stunning film that is at times funny and tense and gets more so by the minute.

MAR 18th: Finally watched The Cabin In The Woods (2011) which I’d been putting off because of the horror element. What a fool I was as it’s one of the most entertaining and subverted films I’ve seen. More a gory comedy than a funny horror.

MAR 19th: Finally watched A Quiet Place (2018) and I find myself agreeing with the general consensus. It’s pretty damn good. Not a masterpiece but the way Krasinski uses sound to his advantage is astounding.

MAR 21st: Caught up on Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018) and it’s a blast.Excellent set pieces and a badass score. John Boyega and Charlie Day are particularly wonderful.

APR 8th: PIXAR’s Onward is a fantasy film about brotherhood and father figures. If you can relate to those themes, this is really going to hit you hard.

APR 8th: Sonic the Hedgehog is ridiculous and cliche and has references that will age poorly. And I kind of love it.

APR 10th: Red Dwarf: The Promised Land proves that the lads still have it. The humour is funny as ever but there are still some emotional moments. One for longtime fans and newbies alike.

APR 11th: Tiger King on Netflix is genuinely upsetting and everyone involved in the trade should be in prison. Saff is the only decent human on this show. If you’re going to take 1 thing away from this docu-series it should be this:
5,000 to 10,000 Big Cats exist in captivity.
There are 4,000 in the wild.
That’s horrifying.

APR 17th: Trolls: World Tour is as enjoyable as the original. Timberlake really carries the film and the music is wonderfully varied. Doesn’t need to exist but I’m alright with it doing so.

APR 29th: Series 1 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars does a wonderful job of easing us back into the prequel era and setting up the series’ to follow. Marvellous voice work and solid animation (for the time).

MAY 7th: Series 2 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is where the show really settles into its own. Great character development and huge ramifications towards the series’ end.

MAY 8th: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Star Wars having 1 canon timeline across several different forms of media is an astounding feat. It continues to amaze me.

MAY 12th: Please bare in mind that Disney+ is probably only getting Hamilton a year early as an advertising tactic. I would LOVE to have seen this in cinemas as proof that filmed Broadway musicals are for the greater good.

May 14th: The first several episodes of Series 3 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars are an odd dive back into the first couple of series. When it finally decides to progress the story is when the show becomes most impressive and intense.

May 15th: Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) is proof that good comedy can transcend time. A perfect madcap comedy built on a dark premise that almost feels like it was made today.
Worth tracking down.

May 16th: Scoob! is fine if you can get through the cringe-worthy elements. Its biggest downfall is attempting to establish a whole shared universe in one film. Excellent turn from all the voice cast though ESPECIALLY Jason Issacs.

May 20th: Zack Snyder really deserves to have his creative voice heard and i am beyond overjoyed that we will actually get to see this.
2021? 2031? Doesn’t matter. Take all the time you need man.

Jun 1st: Series 4 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars leans heavily on the actual “war” aspect. It’s gritty and doesn’t hold back on how people can be swayed. The finale is also one of the best things to happen to Star Wars.

Jun 3rd: Series 1 of Space Force was enjoyable enough that I kept watching. Both Steve Carell and John Malkovich give wonderful performances that I hope they can expand upon in a second series.

Jun 4th: Series 4 of Rick and Morty is as good as the show has ever been. In fact it may just be the best season yet.

Jun 7th: Go watch Queer Eye Series 5 on Netflix.
Please. Its so full of love.

Jun 10th: Finally seeing the trailer for Bill and Ted 3 after all this time honestly gave me chills. I really have missed these boys and can’t wait to catch up with them.

Jun 10th: Finally watched The Invisible Man (2020) and it’s an excellent subversion of the classic tale. Elizabeth Moss provides a STUNNING performance and the score is pretty good too.

Jun 12th: Artemis Fowl tries to be Lord Of The Rings, Spy Kids and Harry Potter at once, while managing to be none of them. Josh Gad gives a decent enough performance to keep you entertained and the cinematography can be decent but that’s about it.

Jun 15th: Please remember that reading a review by me, or anyone else, is no substitute for watching the film yourself. The best opinion is one you form yourself.

Jun 17th: Imagine complaining about Kristen Stewart playing Princess Diana in a biopic instead of complaining about the existence of a Princess Diana biopic.
Both these women are icons and neither of them deserve this.

Jun 19th: The passing of Sir Ian Holm is a huge loss to those of us who adore film, and science fiction in particular. I can’t find the words. My love goes out to his family and friends.

Jun 26th: I know we like to riff on Batman & Robin, but director Joel Schumacher was one of Hollywood’s most unique voices.
His passing is a hell of a loss and 80 still feels too early to lose him.

Jul 8th: Series 2 of Harley Quinn is some of the best television I’ve seen in a long time. It has the added bonus if being some of DC Studios best work too. Not picking this up for a third season would be a massive mistake

Jul 14th: Grant Imahara was one of the most charismatic, uplifting and kind-hearted souls. There are no words to describe his loss.

Jul 16th: So The New Mutants is finally coming and that’s great…BUT with a PG13 rating. I cannot emphasise how much I’m not a fan of that decision. What did you cut to bring it down from a 15 rating? Did you only cut it so it could go straight to Disney+?
I’ll still wait before judging.

Jul 21st: Series 1 of Phineas and Ferb demonstrates that the show always knew what it wanted to be. That being a well-written, hilarious show with likeable characters and amazing songs.

Jul 24th: My writing process is…a work in progress. There are times that I have been ready well in advance and there are other days where I’m tryping 2 days before a post goes live. My personal life hasn’t made doing this easy but I am genuinely so proud that I have done this every single week for over a year.
If you’ve been here for a year or even just a day….Than You.

Jul 28th: Series 2 of Phineas and Ferb is a little more of an emotional rollercoaster and a little grander in scale, which I like. Although there are less songs from the cast themselves which is a shame. The ones they do give us are iconic.

Jul 29th: So DC’s new animated film Death in the Family is going to be interactive and that’s really cool. Look forward to attempting a pacifist route and accidentally committing a crime.

Aug 2nd: Shin Godzilla is possibly the most unique take on the famous Kaiju you’ll ever see. A brilliant tale of the people and their response to unmitigated disaster with superb effects.

Aug 4th: Spider-Man 3: Editors Cut isn’t overly different from the Theatrical Cut. If you haven’t re-watched it recently or aren’t some kind of Spider Man 3 aficionado you might not even notice the alterations. However I do think the Editors Cut flows more smoothly.

Aug 5th: Series 3 of Phineas and Ferb is probably the closest its come to a Mainstream Show. Film parodies and Big Budget songs as well as better animation. But it never loses that charm and wit. (Note: I forgot to post anything when I finished Series 4 but it is a superb ending, letting the show go out on a high note.)

Aug 15th: The Henry Stickman games have always been a hilarious way to pass the time and seeing InnerSloth finally release a remastered version along with a final chapter makes me squeal with glee. Thank you so much for taking us on this epic adventure.

Aug 19th: The cast of Del Toro’s Pinocchio is *chefs kiss* and I can’t WAIT to see what he brings to the world of stop-motion animation. Del Toro is one of our greatest living directors working with some of the best actors around on a tale that is right up his alley. Gold.

Aug 21st: If YouTube’s @Defunctland isn’t on your radar, he should be. His new feature-length documentary about the short lived Disney Rock group Halyx is stunning. More like this please

Aug 23rd: The concept that you have to be a DC Fan or a Marvel Fan perpetuates a toxic rivalry that doesn’t need to exist. Yes, the DC Fandome event was outstanding but the MCU also has big plans to be excited about and you can be hyped for both.

Aug 28th: Phineas and Ferb: Candace Against the Universe is a beautiful return to a world that I so adore. Heartwarming, funny and stunningly animated. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Sep 6th: I’m Thinking of Ending Things manages to simultaneously be about nothing AND everything. A masterclass of acting and visually stunning, I couldn’t draw my eyes away. The most confusing experience of my life so far…but in a good way.

Sep 6th: Mulan (2020) is at its best when it’s not referencing the original Disney film. Great action and a lovely score but the CGI is questionable. Unless the price is acceptable for you, I’d wait until its free to watch. Do give it a shot.

Sep 15th: Series 2 of The Mandalorian looks like it will be as good as, if not a little better than the first. However I am avidly against finding out anything about Yoda’s species. The mystery is a large part of his character and I’m much more interested in Mando lore.

Sep 15th: Series 5 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is your reminder that you can make a show for children AND address morality. It’s also a heck of a lot of fun and an emotional roller coaster.

Sep 16th: Cuties on Netflix is just fine. Frankly, the religious and familial aspects are far more interesting than any of the controversy surrounding it. I don’t think that it sexualises 11 year old girls any more than they sexualise themselves and THAT is a topic worth discussing.

Sep 18th: Series 6 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars provides a definitive shift in tone. The energetic entertainment of Attack Of The Clones is gone and the dark powerhouse that is Revenge Of The Sith has arrived. I don’t think I’m ready for this to end.

Sep 19th: Series 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars may be one of the finest pieces of television ever devised. Solid plot, CGI and score throughout. As a Star Wars fan watching the finale I am both delighted and emotional.

Sep 24th: Jodorowsky’s DUNE is an astounding and fascinating documentary. I feel like the story surrounding this version of Dune is actually more interesting than the film itself would have been. I’m not convinced it would have been a masterpiece but I’d still take an animated version

Sep 29th: Early reports are that live-action The Lion King 2 is a prequel/ Mufasa origin story. Please just re-do the Original Lion King 2 if you have to. Nobody wants this.

Sep 30th: Series 1 of Star Wars: Rebels is interesting. More a show for children than a children’s show which makes sense given the Disney buyout. The animation also comes off a little bit flat though I’d imagine I’ll get used to it. I see A LOT of potential.

Oct 1st: I wish I could be excited for the concept of a live-action Spider-verse, and I CAN be, but ONLY if Sony is calling all the shots. Their content, despite varying opinions, has always felt like Spiderman but MCU Spidey is just a child. No disrespect to Holland but in my opinion, his company would never rip away everything that Spidey loves. They have to have a happy ending which is the one thing Spidey can never have. I also can’t abide the thought of MCU SpideyPool. Please. Just. Sony-Man forever.

Oct 5th: Hey. You all remember when Trolls 2 was released to VOD and everyone responded with THE CINEMA INDUSTRY IS DEAD AND ALL FILMS SHOULD GO VOD. Anyway, they delayed Dune ’20 today and the fickle nature of humanity exhausts me.

Oct 5th: The Boys in the Band on Netflix is an occasionally heartwarming and often poignant look at 1960’s queer life. A must watch for queers and a should watch for straights and essential if (like me) you miss the theatre.

Oct 6th: I may not be a Van Halen person but I recognise the impact he has had on the world. To his friends, family and fans I send my deepest sympathies.

Oct 8th: Series 2 of Star Wars: Rebels feels, at times, like a sequel to Clone Wars and whilst I can appreciate that, I like when it is its own thing. By the end of the finale I was sold on Rebels as a whole and am really looking forward to Series 3.

Oct 15th: Series 3 of Star Wars: Rebels is unapologetically and sometimes forcefully Star Wars. The show has finally let itself become a show centered on its cast and Grand Admiral Thrawn is a fantastic addition. There were laughs, cries and closure.

Oct 21st: If a celebrity (JK Rowling, Chris Pratt etc) has disappointed you and you want to throw out any merchandise related to them, that is a valid response. But PLEASE consider donating them to a charity shop instead of destroying them. People can hate a person and still like their work.

Oct 23rd: Borat: Subsequent MovieFilm is brilliant. Sasha Baron Cohen is probably the best character actor around and I hope to see Maria Bakalova in other things. This is EXACTLY the kind of thought provoking film we need right now.

Oct 25th: Series 4 of Star Wars:Rebels is a beautiful ending to a show I found myself adoring. The entire second half is essentially one long episode and it holds ZERO punches. This franchise wont end and I won’t stop loving it.

Nov 1st: The Witches (2020) is an odd film. There are choices made with the story that I cannot wrap my head around and the CGI is mid-tier quality. Octavia Spencer and Anne Hathaway are the most enjoyable aspect, for me. I miss Jim Henson.

Nov 5th: Spongebob: Sponge on the Run is an adorable movie which encapsulates the heart of the franchise. The animation is also extremely quirky with the 3-D rendering of 2-D objects. It’s a little too 2020 to be perfect but it’s Spongebob. Thank You Hillenburg ❤

Nov 6th: So Warner Bros politely fired Johnny Depp from Fantastic Beasts 3. The film written by a disgusting transphobe. Despite Depp being innocent. While producing Snyder’s Justice League. Which involves his abuser. Warner Bros should be ashamed.

Nov 17th: The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is an adorable retrospective of the franchise. Funny enough to entertain for half an hour with plenty of nods for fans. Now all we need id for Disney to release the Original Special for context.

Nov 25th: So the Animaniacs revival (Series 6 of the show overall) is just as funny as the original. Some really neat new ideas sprinkled in and some jabs at modern culture (which it deserves). Never talks down to the audience and crisp animation. 👌

Nov 28th: Tenet is an excellent premise with a solid enough delivery. I feel like Nolan could have gone with a bigger scope of movie but it was worth waiting for. The main cast are brilliant, ESPECIALLY Robert Pattinson

Nov 29th: Happiest Season is a gay Christmas movie. I feel so blessed to be able to type those words. It is both heartwarming and incredibly funny whilst never shying away from how difficult Being Gay can be. To Kristen Stewart and the rest of the crew…thank you.

Dec 6th: Bill and Ted Face the Music manages to be both funny and, occasionally, heartwarming. Billie and Thea are excellent additions to the cast and the music is brilliant. The green screen can take some getting used to and the ending feels a little abrupt but Wyld Stallyns are back!

Dec 6th: Wyld Stallyns’ Face the Music is probably one of their best tracks. A triumphant sound that truly transcends time and space. The chorial singing really gives it an ethereal feel and from the 2:50 mark it properly starts to rock 🤘

Dec 25th: PIXAR’s Soul is incredibly cute and incredibly heartwarming. The animation style can also be rather inventive but I feel this truly would have been An Experience on the big screen.

Dec 27th: The Sharkboy and Lavagirl sequel We Can Be Heroes feels like it’s trying to be both Sky High and Spy Kids but it fails at both. At least I got to look at Pedro Pascal for a bit.

Dec 28th: The New Mutants is a really fresh, innovative take on the X-Men franchise. There’s good LGBT rep and good Christian rep and great CGI. Gutted that Disney waited to release this and devastated I couldn’t see it on a big screen.

Signed: Your friendly neighbourhood queer

10 Movies I’ll Watch in 2020: Retrospective

1. The Personal History of David Copperfield

Between the limited release this film seemed to have and every other thing that I had going on, I ended up missing this one. From all accounts I’ve heard, it was a really decent telling of the tale. I still intend to watch this some day.

2. Sonic the Hedgehog

The first film that I couldn’t see in theatres this year, and on my birthday weekend no less. When I finally got to see it, I decided the wait was worth it. A heap of fun with an unmistakably 2020 feel but in the best way.

3. Scoob!

This one felt like it was destined for greatness and to kickstart a cinematic universe, but it ended up not being that. As entertaining as it could be and as good as the art style was, I think it suffered from an overly complex plot. Sometimes simplicity is better.

4. Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge on the Run

When it isn’t trying to set up a prequel television series or going off on a bizarre tangent, this instalment in the Spongebob trilogy is highly entertaining. Despite several flaws, it never loses the heart of the franchise and the animation is superb. Creator Stephen Hillenburg will be missed and adored for a long time to come.

5. Ghostbusters: Afterlife

The first of several films on this list that got pushed back to 2021, and I’m a little devastated. I was, and continue to be, 100% ready to jump back into this universe.

6. Jungle Cruise

The next of our films to be delayed until 2021. The premise still interests me and I will watch Dwayne Johnson do as many films as he wants.

7. Bill & Ted Face The Music

I was so close to not seeing it this year but my cinema re-opened just in time. A worthy finale to the Bill and Ted trilogy with a wonderful soundtrack. Worth the wait.

8. The Witches (2020)

Well that was odd. I have not been this baffled by a film’s choices since I watched Cats (2019) last year. Octavia Spencer steals the show with every scene she’s in and Anne Hathaway is always a delight, but the story additions and changes really threw me off. Certainly an interesting film.

9. Godzilla Vs. Kong

The third of our 2021 delays, and one where I’m okay with that. The true spectacle of this franchise is in the cinematography, and the big screen is the best place to experience it. A Blockbuster in every sense of the word, and I can hardly wait.

10. Raya and The Last Dragon

The last of our 2021 delays, which is a real shame. Having been able to digest an entire trailer for this film, it might be the most original concept that Disney has devised in quite some time. Looking forward to this welcome breath of fresh air.

Honourable Mention. The New Mutants

As I publish this article, I still will not have seen this film. Despite being available elsewhere, I cannot watch it in the UK until the 28th of December. I am incredibly bitter about this.

Signed: Your friendly neighbourhood queer

10 Favourite Films of 2020

I don’t enjoy comparing movies to other movies and and I don’t believe that any film is inherently bad. It’s why I have no ratings system and it’s why your receiving this instead of a “10 Best/Worst” list. A lot of time and effort goes into making these films from hundreds of people, and I think to bash their efforts is disrespectful. I say that every movie is worth something and I genuinely believe that, even if it’s Hellboy (2019). So without further ado, here are the 10 films that I enjoyed most this year, in release order.

1. Knives Out

Director Rian Johnson might be one of the best and most original directors in the industry right now. If you didn’t feel that with The Last Jedi then I guarantee you will feel it here. Excellently paced murder mystery with superb acting from all the cast, and a brilliant score to boot.

2. Jumanji: The Next Level

I wrote in my review of this film’s predecessor that though it was not required, I’m glad the franchise has stuck around. That remains as true now as it did then, because the cast are so wonderful to spend any amount of time with and the set design is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see where they go next.

3. Jojo Rabbit

Possibly the funniest film I saw all year, but also one of the most heartwarming. Taika Watiti really decided to make a film about a child whose imaginary friend is Adolf Hitler, and pulled no punches. It also has a heartbreaking queer subplot, so that’s a bonus.

4. A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

Having grown up in Scotland, I didn’t experience Mr Rogers while I was growing up. However, the moment I was old enough to research people, I made sure to learn as much about him as I could. From what I can tell, this film is spot on and I can think of nobody more suited for the main role than Tom Hanks.

5. Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn

You know when a Comic Book Movie feels like a comic book? In much the same way that Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and the DCEU’s Shazam! did? This film manages it too, and it has gays, and Ewan McGregor.

6. Sonic The Hedgehog

This might be the most 2020 film I saw this year, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s a film that simply refuses to take itself seriously and just has fun with the premise. I like that.

7. Disneyland’s Forgotten Sci-Fi Rock Band – Live From the Space Stage

If you haven’t been paying attention to DefunctLand on YouTube then you’ve really been missing out. From 40 minute documentaries on EPCOT to the former Toys ‘R’ Us in Times Square, he’s covered it all. This full length Doc on the one-time Disney metal band Halyx is a true testament to his skill and makes me wish I could have seen them live.

8. Boys in the Band

I’ve really missed the theatre, so watching a play with a film budget was something I needed. It just so happens to also be a terrific education on queer history and feature some beautiful acting. I know it went straight to Netflix, but I would more than happily have seen this on a big screen.

9. Happiest Season

It’s a lesbian Christmas movie. It has Kristen Stewart, and Aubrey Plaza. Films like these are paving the way for representation and I think this is one I’ll keep coming back to in the following festive seasons. I’m glad someone is making the Yuletide gay.

10. Bill and Ted Face the Music

Let’s be honest with ourselves…I was going into this with a bias. In a shocking turn of events, I ended up liking it, though I’m not yet sure how it fits in the scheme of “Best Bill and Ted Movie”. Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine are utterly bodacious as Billie and Thea, and are excellent additions to the main cast.

Signed: Your friendly neighbourhood queer